Presidential Campaign Speech, Vlillirier, The New Year Before Us

Titania, Moira. Corporation owned Astrahus-class citadel, Vlillirier system, Placid Region

Julianus Soter stands onboard a maintenance platform attached to the Stabber-class cruiser “Ravager” while addressing the assembled crowd in the hangar bay.

As the festivities of this Yoiul holiday season draw to a close, I figured it was about time I came to visit some of the hardworking and steadfast members of our brave support and logistics staff, friends, and allies. And I bring gifts!

Soter grins as a vast container of Miesian brandy is offloaded from this cargobay of his ship to the cheering crowd of Moira. Corporation support staff, and other political supporters from the surrounding systems

Honestly though, the tireless efforts of all of the members of the Militia war effort cannot be understated. Without you, none of what we do as Capsuleers would be possible. And I want to toast you all today. You’re all off duty, right? So cheers!

Soter cracks open a bottle and drinks from it directly, as the cases of brandy are distributed amongst the crowd

As you all can very easily remember, Costolle and many other Gallente systems were only recently retaken from the Squids the last few days before the New Year. The bastards had been putting up a delaying action over the past several months, but finally, at long last, the tidal wave of Freedom has swept through a grand total of seventy-six systems in the war zone. The State Protectorate is on its heels! The guerilla war efforts of the remaining Caldari Militia capsuleers are being repulsed. We will remain vigilant but we are winning.

What we must do this year, and this political season, is to protect what we have fought so dearly for. We have all lost friends and compatriots in this struggle. The Intaki crisis of YC121 should never be allowed to be repeated! We must hold the Caldari State responsible for the damages it has inflicted upon our peoples. They will repay this vast debt, in full!

Soter raises the bottle to the crowd and they cheer in response

The revered CONCORD Inner Circle are debating how to best carve up the Militia War Powers Act to resolve the situations that came to light in Floseswin and Intaki. However, we cannot forget, that CONCORD is largely responsible for dictating to us the rules of engagement, that have endangered so many lives, caused so much suffering, and corrupted so much in our frontier territories. We must be cautious of a solution that comes from the source of all our recent troubles!

I call upon fellow declared candidate, Ms. Ramnev, to meet with me and host a Federation Security Forum, right here in Vlillirier. We should not be debating these issues of foreign policy and Federation security on peaceful, CONCORD-secured core worlds, but here, on the frontier, where so much blood is spilled by the hour, and where the dirt and grime of every day struggle is so precious. Come here, and answer questions from the people who live IN the warzone, and perhaps we shall formulate a better consensus on how to solve these years-long standing issues! The people who know what’s going on stand right here before me!

The crowd roars, echoing off the cavernous interior of the citadel

Our militia, the Federal Defense Union, and my alliance, the Villore Accords, will continue to do everything in our power to push back the tide of tyranny across all of the Militia War Power Act Systems. The enemy has only a few strongholds left. We shall redouble our efforts. Aldranette will be under the Federal Eagle once again, very soon. We shall have our just recompense for the suffering our people have endured there and elsewhere.

And with that, my friends, I shall leave you all to your celebrations. I wish you all the best. And let us all continue to do all we can to preserve our freedoms and liberties, now, and into the new year before us.

Soter smiles and walks off the stage

Published by Julianus Soter

Executor of Villore Accords [GMVA]

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