Announcement of Candidacy to be President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime

Statement given earlier today in Vlillirier VII Roden Shipyards Factory Station:

Today, friends, colleagues, and citizens of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime, we prepare for a new presidential election. As strong as our Federation remains, whoever leads us forward will face challenges like no others in our history. We are confronted by new mysteries as the Triglavians rise. Our Federal government has kept us in the dark. CONCORD has perpetuated a Tyranny of Lies, releasing barely enough information to puppeteer New Eden into submission. We face crippling corruption in the ranks of the Federal Defense Union. To fight all of these dire threats to our freedom, I announce my candidacy for the Presidency of the Gallente Federation.

We must stand together, and retake the reins of our democracy. We must overcome the bloated bureaucracy of  CONCORD who has forgotten its fundamental responsibility to defend and protect humanity. 

We are on the edge of a vast precipice of unknown dangers as the Triglavian Collective rises from the depths of the Abyss. The response of the Jacus Roden administration has been to bury the facts and information at his disposal, so that the voting public has no clue what is going on. We are asked to go into a dark room, wearing a blindfold, and cast our ballots, not knowing what true outcome will result from our choices. Information is the lifeblood of our democracy.. This perpetual state of misinformation and obfuscation is truly a deep constitutional crisis for the Federation.  Mentas Blaque and Thoun Gaterau must be held to account, with Senate inquiry into their operations, dealings, and whether the classification of key tactical information has put Federation citizen’s lives at risk.

Armed with the proper information about the Triglavians, we may begin to finally act. We may be able to initiate the means to execute effective diplomacy with the Collective. We may find common ground. We may find a way to bridge the great divide of space and time that has separated this long lost cousin of Humanity from New Eden. If we were able to resolve this situation, we could protect our people and our society. 

Until such a time, we shall stand strong. We must remain ever vigilant of the  lurking menace of the Caldari State. Lai Dai’s desecration of Intaki V, reveals the price of appeasement with the Caldari State. Had it not been for the Federal Defense Union’s rapid liberation of the Viriette constellation, the occupation of that planet would still be underway. We will continue to hold back the tide of Caldari Militia activity across the border zone. Only today the Gallente Militia forces liberated the Old Man Star system, and a broad tidal wave is pushing back tyranny from Essence to Black Rise. 

We have seen however the deep inadequacies of the Militia Emergency War Powers Act. We must revoke the certifications of corrupt and incompetent FDU mission agents everywhere, and reallocate those valuable resources to territorial control and defensive operations, rewarding those that take the risk in the fight for Freedom over those that are there simply to scrounge ISK from the Federation taxpayer. 

Finally, as the Amarr Empire appears to wish to relive the Dark Ages with a neo-feudalistic rebirth, we may see an ever increasing tide of violence and turmoil within the Minmatar Tribal Republic. As President, I vow to stand firm with our Minamatar allies, as I have in the past. We must join the fight to preserve the peace against an escalated Reclaiming. Freedom must be defended on all fronts, together, or most assuredly, we will all be bound in shackles separately. 

My fellow patriots, we have the opportunity to make this change real. We have a choice. That is the birthright of all Federation citizens. But we must seize it. We must decide that what has gone before is not good enough. We need to change course, now, before it is too late. The election shall determine who defends us for the next five years. 

I do not promise that the road will be easy. There are challenging times ahead. But as our forefathers strove to build a revolutionary idea amongst the stars, so too, shall we fight to preserve it. Fight with me. Fight for Freedom. Fight for the Federation we all hold dear. 

Thank you.

Julianus Soter

Published by Julianus Soter

Executor of Villore Accords [GMVA]

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